Final Event LIFE REFOREST Project: The New EU Forest Strategy

By Abril 1, 2022 Actualidad

The final event of the project LIFE REFOREST was celebrated on the 30th of March 2022 in “A Cidade da Cultura” Santiago de Compostela, Galicia with significant success of participation. The event gathered 78 attendants: Public Authories, Forestry Associations, Companies and Research Organizations, among others have been represented.

The event included the celebration of the seminar about public policies applied to forest fires, with 8 guest speakers from European organisations, the Spanish and Portuguese public administrations, forestry associations and research organisations from both countries, bringing together live attendees and another who followed the event by streaming.

The event was divided in four parts. The first part was a contextualisation of the situation of fires in Europe by Silvia Abruscato (FOREST EUROPE) and a thorough analysis of the specific cases in Galicia and Portugal by Fernando Veiga (Xunta de Galicia) and António Patrão (ICNF) from the local governments.

The second section was a presentation from the partners of the LIFE REFOREST results and learned lessons. In this section Francisco Dans (AFG) and Rosario Alves (FORESTIS) explained the impact of the forest fires in the forest sector. Julio Fierro (CETIM) presented the key results of the project and Jacob Keizer (University of Aveiro) analysed the efficiency of the LIFE REFOREST solution reducing post-fire erosion.

Evento final Proyecto LIFE REFOREST: La nueva estrategia forestal de la UE

LIFE REFOREST Final Event Image.


The third section was the opportunity to present other experiences in Post-fire management and regeneration of vegetation communities by Cristina Fernández (Centro de Investigación Forestal de Lourizán). In this section Antonio Rigueiro (University of Santiago de Compostela) presented the experience of LIFE VAIA and LIFE Lugo Biodinámico projects.

The last session of the event analysed the future perspectives and the policy recommendations to improve public policies. This last talk was presented by Xosé Covelo from the AFG.

Partners of LIFE REFOREST participating in the final event.


Check the video of this final event:


LIFE REFOREST LIFE17 ENV/ES/000248 is a project co-funded by the European Union under the LIFE Programme