The main objective of LIFE REFOREST is to mitigate the soil loss associated to post-fire episodes in forest areas by developing and validating a system based in mycotechnosols.

The main objectives of LIFE REFOREST project are:

Development of a new post-fire mitigation technique able to reduce soil erosion by 70%, compared to untreated zones, better scores than other available mitigation methods.

Implement a mycotechnosol solution to recover key functional parameters from burnt soil (organic matter content, microbial activity, etc.) to its initial values.

Promotion of soil water retention, thanks to the composition and activity of the mycotechnosol and the fast vegetation recovery.

Minimising pollution in water bodies downstream the burnt area, as result of runoff and dragging of suspended materials from ashes and nutrients.

Life Reforest, objetivos
Objetivos programa Life Reforest

Valorisation of organic wastes and byproducts by its use in the production of the technosols.

Validation of a cost-effective solution (≤ 300 € ha-1) in two different locations to evaluate pilot’s performance under different characteristics (soil properties, hillslope, etc.).

Estimation of the LIFE REFOREST Project´s environmental, social and economic impact.

Elaborating a Transferability and Replicability Plan involving specific guidelines.

Analyzing current administrative and legal framework at different levels (local, regional and national) to provide a set of recommendations (Road Map) to improve post-fire remediation strategies applied by Administration and forest owners.

Dissemination of results to stakeholders and target audience.

Development of a Business Plan to introduce LIFE REFOREST solution to the market at short-medium term.

Life Reforest, objetivos