Tratamientos Ecológicos del Noroeste – TEN

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TEN is a company located in Galicia (Spain), founded in 2004. It´s activity is focused on the valorisation of non-hazardous waste, using for them composting operation that allows us to obtain organic amendments used as fertilizer on agricultural and forestry land and technosols (artificial soils with specific properties derived from waste) used for the restoration of degraded or contaminated lands,…

TEN has the integrated environmental authorization for the whole waste recovery plant, with the number 2014-IPPC-56-283, also in the General Register of Waste Managers and Producers of Galicia with the number SC-I-IPPC-XV-00056, following the protocol defined by the Technical Instruction of Waste ITR/01.08.08, “Resolution of January 8, 2008, of the General Direction of Quality and Enviromental Evaluation, referring to the development of soils derived from waste”, as well as SC-I-IPPC-XV.00057 for the valorization of waste for the elaboration of Fertilizers, and SC-I-IPPC-XV-00058 for the valorization of non-hazardous waste of domestic and industrial origin.

Since its inception, TEN has been involved in improving the environment, developing technosols that have been applied in restoration of the Touro Mine which has serious problem of acidity in soils and water.