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LIFE REFOREST mitigates erosion and soil loss in areas affected by forest fires


Technosol based in organic waste inoculated with fungal species contained in a tube-shaped biodegradable net.

Promotes soil water retention

The composition and the activity of the mycotechnosols and the fast vegetation recovery let minimise the pollution in water bodies downstream the burnt area and promotes the soil water retention.

Bioactive Barrier

The mycotechnosol also supplies organic matter and nutrients to the soil, and local plant seeds to accelerate the restoration of the vegetation cover and promote water retention.

Post-fire mitigation

LIFE REFOREST technique reduces soil erosion by 70%, compared to untreated zones. It shows also better scores than other available mitigation methods.

Ecosystem recovery

Our system retains soil structure from streamflow and accelerates the ecosystem recovery thanks to the fast fungal mycelium development present on the technosol.

Waste valorisation

Valorisation of organic wastes and byproducts by its use in the production of the technosols.

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Meet the LIFE Programme

LIFE REFOREST is a European Project co-funded by the European Union under the LIFE Programme.

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October 25, 2019

LIFE REFOREST comienza la validación de sus pilotos

El proyecto europeo LIFE REFOREST ha iniciado la implementación y validación de su sistema de micotecnosuelos para mitigar la erosión y perdida de suelo en dos áreas afectadas por incendios…
August 17, 2018

First meeting LIFE REFOREST project

The Project, which will be carried out by a consortium of 7 partners, aims to mitigate erosion prevention and favour the restoration of burnt FOREST areas through innovative fungal-technosol solution…

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