Universidade de Aveiro – UAVR

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UAVR is a public institution, whose mission is to provide and develop (post-)graduate education, scientific research, and cooperation with external stakeholders. Since 1998, UAVR integrates the European Consortium of Innovative Universities, a leading international cluster of research-intensive universities.

Research is developed under 19 research centres, 4 of them Associated Laboratories, including the Centre for Environmental and Marine Research (CESAM), which was rated as excellent in the last evaluation.

CESAM is a multi- and transdisciplinary research centre that develops and applies integrated approaches to the study of atmo-, bio-, hydro-, litho- and socio-sphere. At present, CESAM comprises almost 290 researchers with a PhD degree, covering the fields of biology, chemistry, geosciences, physics, environmental engineering and sciences, and planning.

CESAM members have worked on wildfire effects on vegetation, soil and runoff and erosion processes at plot and catchment scale, in 10 experimental catchments that, at some stage, were affected by wildfires.